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Chisap Fiesta

Chisap - Branding

Chisap is a factory that produces hot dogs, hamburgers, baked goods, and dressings, located in Ciudadela, Buenos Aires, Argentina, with over 60 years in the market.

We created a strategy for them to communicate a commodity product and developed the concept "Let every day be a party," which brought Chisap to the table in a cheerful and guilt-free way.

Our strategy became a slogan that represented the essence of the brand and connected with consumers. The updated image, website, and active and creative social media presence allowed Chisap to approach its audience in a more authentic and personal way.

Additionally, the creative content we produced for the brand, such as videos, images, and social media posts, generated more interaction and engagement from followers, contributing to customer loyalty and increasing the brand's online reach.

Overall, our work at Kaser for Chisap was a success thanks to the combination of an effective marketing and communication strategy, a renewed and attractive image, special promotions, and creative content.

All of this created a before and after in the way the company presented itself to the market and communicated with its customers.

Chisap Fiesta Chisap Fiesta Chisap Fiesta Chisap Fiesta Chisap Fiesta Chisap Fiesta Chisap Fiesta

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